Are you looking to design affiliate programs that help specific customer groups convert?

Well, we have good news: In social snowball you can segment and target affiliate programs in a number of ways. You have the ability to:

  • Create multiple affiliate program tiers

  • Set rules for each program

  • Segment affiliates into different programs automatically based on these rules

  • Personalize affiliate programs to different customer cohorts

  • Reward higher performing affiliate with bigger incentives

  • Save a lot of time and headache!

As of today, we’ve added one more way to segment your affiliate programs. You can now create your affiliate programs with discount codes that only apply to certain customer segments.

How does it work?

This means you can create affiliate programs that have discount codes specific to:
  • Customers who haven’t purchased
  • Customers who have purchased more than once
  • Abandoned checkouts in the last 30 days
  • Email subscribers
Why is this important? You can design affiliate programs that actually convert with different audiences.
Create discounts that move the needle for new customers or cart abandoners, re-engage your email subscribers, or encourage repeat purchases. And of course, create as many affiliate programs as you like!
affiliate programs for customer segments

What happens if you have multiple programs set-up?

If an affiliate meets the requirement to join multiple programs, they will join the one with the highest priority, as determined by the order of programs on your programs overview page. You can adjust this order by dragging and dropping programs with the 6 dot icon on the left.

It’s really that easy! If you’re using a program that doesn’t offer you this flexibility, start a 30-day free trial of Social Snowball today.

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