Introducing automated commission maturation periods 🚀

This new feature allows you to have more control over your affiliate payouts. With the ability to review pending payouts and the option to send them immediately, you can ensure that your payouts are accurate and secure.

You can now set commission maturation periods, which allows you to delay payouts until a specific event–such as days since a referral order is placed, shipped, or delivered. This feature is especially important because it helps prevent fraud and automatically accounts for merchant refund window policies.

With automated commission maturation periods, you can have peace of mind knowing that your affiliate payouts are handled with care and precision.

payout maturation periods

Commission payouts being held in a payout maturation period

Seamlessly integrate payouts with your internal processes

An ecommerce brand’s internal process for refunds and return policies is an essential aspect of their business, and it’s crucial to use tools that can work seamlessly alongside these policies.

When it comes to affiliate payouts, it’s essential to ensure that these payments align with the brand’s refund policy. The affiliate should not be paid for a referral if a customer returns a product and receives a refund. Using Social Snowball, you can now automatically hold payouts until a specific event or a certain number of days after a referral order is placed. This can ensure that payouts are only sent when they are deemed valid and align with the brand’s refund policy.

Not only that, but automated commission maturation periods can help fight referral fraud.

Prevent referral fraud with Social Snowball

Preventing referral fraud is crucial for ecommerce brands as it can have a significant impact on their bottom line. Fraudulent referrals can lead to financial losses, as well as damage to the brand’s reputation.

Referral fraud can lead to an inaccurate understanding of the true performance of a referral program, making it difficult for ecommerce brands to optimize their marketing efforts. It can also lead to the loss of valuable customers and partners who were referred by fraudulent actors. It also can impact the trust of the customers on the brand.

By implementing measures to prevent referral fraud, ecommerce brands can protect their financial interests and maintain the integrity of their referral program, ultimately leading to a more successful and sustainable business.

First, using automated commission maturation periods, your team can review pending payouts and see any suspicious discount code activity. This is in addition to Social Snowball’s leaked discount code center, which helps brands identify what affiliate codes are leaking and when.

If you’re using a program that doesn’t offer you this flexibility, start a 30-day free trial of Social Snowball today.

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