20% to 50% of all purchases happen through word-of-mouth marketing.

However, word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t happen on its own. Studies have shown that 83% of satisfied customers are willing to promote your products…but only 29% of them do in real life.

So, how do you convince the rest to share your products? One of the obvious answers is to incentivize them. Build an affiliate/referral program and pay your customers for every sale they bring.

Though, just building a referral program also doesn’t work. You need to constantly remind the customers of the referral programs through different marketing channels. For your referral program, you might have a referral landing page or signup process–But how does someone learn it exists? You need to communicate with your audience and onboard them into your program. After all, you can’t have a successful referral program without people in the program.

Among the many marketing channels, SMS is perhaps the most impactful and definitely one you should be using to promote your refer-a-friend program. 

What kind of SMSs should you send? Below we share referral SMS templates designed for three key referral stages: awareness, confirmation, and redeeming.

Referral SMS Templates To Boost Your Referral Program Efforts

We can’t showcase creativity in referral program templates made for all merchants. Still, you can use these generic templates to base your referral program SMS campaigns and add your brand’s spin to them to achieve desired results.

1. Referral SMS templates for referral program promotion and discount offer sms templates

Hey [customer’s name], good things should be shared. If you like your recent purchase, refer it to a friend, and you both will get [discount %]. Click [link] to know more.

Hey [customer’s name], welcome to [brand’s name] family. Let’s share happiness! Refer a friend or family, and they’ll get [discount %] on their next purchase. After they’ve completed their purchase, you’ll get [discount %] on your next purchase. Click [link] to know more.

Hey [customer’s name], do you want more of [brand’s name or product name]? Refer us to your friends or family and get [discount %] on your next purchase. Sign up here: [link]

Like our products? Invite your friends to buy from us, and you both will get $20 on your next purchase. More info on [link].

Give [discount %] and get [discount %]. Refer your friend and buy products you love at discounted rates. More info on [link].

Hey there, thanks for choosing [brand’s name]. Hope you love our product. If you do, share it with your friends using [referral link] and get [discount %] on your next purchase. Click [link] to know more.

Hey [customer’s name], we’re happy to invite you to join our referral program. When your friend buys a product from us, they get [discount %], and you get $20. More info on [link].

Has sharing ever got you free stuff? It will now! Refer our products to your friends and get a free [product] or a flat [discount %] on your next purchase. More info on [link].

Hey [customer’s name], here’s [discount %] for your friend on their first purchase with us and [discount %] for you on the entire product catalog. Start referring! More info on [link].

Hey, sharing is saving. Bring one friend and get [discount %], bring two and get [discount %], and bring 3 or more and get [discount %]. It’s a limited-time offer, so hurry and start referring. More info on [link].

Example marketing and promotional sms template

Cariuma referral SMS example [screenshot].
Cariuma, a sneaker brand, invites customers who’ve already purchased their sneakers to join their referral program. They offer a flat $30 discount to them and their friends. They also pledge 30 trees in their name as a social cause to support their customers. 

2. Referal SMS templates to update the customer when a referee joins

Bingo! Your friend successfully completed his first purchase. Thanks again for referring your friend to us. As a token of appreciation, here’s a [discount %] on your next purchase. Simply use [coupon code] on the checkout page to avail the discount. 

Your friend just came through. Congratulations on your first referral. Let’s celebrate it together. Avail [coupon code] on the checkout page to avail a flat [discount %] on your next purchase. 

Hey there, guess what? Your friend successfully completed his first purchase using your referral link. Now enjoy as you get a flat  [discount %] on your next purchase using [coupon code]. Start shopping: [link]

Hey [customer’s name], your friend has successfully used your referral link to make his first purchase. As promised, we’ve credited [points] to your account. You can use these points to avail  [discount % or flat $ off] on your next purchase. 

Hurray! [Friend’s name] just made his first purchase. As promised, here’s a flat [discount %] on your next purchase. Simply apply the [coupon code] on the checkout page to get the discount. Keep referring!


Grow post-referral SMS example

Groww is an online investment platform for buying stocks and mutual funds in India. It has a referral program, and they send their referrers this message when a referee joins the platform.

3. Referral SMS templates to remind customers to withdraw/redeem their earnings/perks

Hey there, your summer [collection or product or catalog] is here, and you still haven’t used your coupon code. Hurry up and redeem your [coupon code] to get a flat discount of [discount %].

DON’T FORGET: You have a flat discount of [discount %] waiting to be redeemed. Use the [coupon code] today before it’s too late.

Hey, your referral discount coupon expires today. Hurry and get a flat [discount %] on your next purchase. Use [coupon code] today.

Last chance to avail your referral discount. Redeem your [coupon code] today to avail a flat [discount %]. 

Hi [customer name], seems like you missed using your referral discount of [discount %]. Need not worry, you can still get the offer. Head to [website] and use [coupon code] on the checkout page to redeem the code. 


Style referral SMS to remind users of the offersStyle, an online clothing store, uses coupon expiration as a hack to create urgency amongst its customers to use coupon codes and head to product pages. This is not only for their referrers but is similar to SMSs we are discussing.

Wrapping Up

Pick from the above templates and use them as your customer referral template messages by adding correct discounts, coupon codes, and website links. Feel free to tailor-make your referral messages by using these templates as a base and adding your brand’s uniqueness.

If you send emails, you can use similar messaging with a referral program headline. Many softwares and email service providers offer customer referral program templates for email, if you’re using Klaviyo you can request templates here.

If you haven’t started a referral program for your business, these examples might inspire you to start one and, hopefully, with our app.

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