My name is Khodur Annous, and I am one of the founders of TheFlockLA, a creative media agency. We’ve built partnerships with thousands of creators over the years, and with our experience actually working at TikTok, creative agencies, and more, we know how to get creators to respond. Creators are the backbone to a successful word-of-mouth marketing program. In this blog, you’ll learn 4 tips guaranteed to increase your response rate with creators.

Here are our 4 tips guaranteed to help increase your response rate with creators:

1. Personalize Your Outreach:

Get to know the Creator! Sounds pretty obvious, but make sure you watch more than 1 of the creator’s videos. They likely have a couple of pinned videos on their channel, so watch those, along with their most recent 5 posts. Simply going through this exercise and incorporating some anecdotes from their videos in your outreach will make you come across as more genuine and more like a fan who truly understands the creator.

2. Grab Their Attention in Your Subject Line and Opening Message:

Keep it concise and tailored to the creator. Creators and Managers have blinders on for generic outreach messages. Simply put, try and sound human.

3. Make the value proposition clear:

Influencers are more likely to respond if they have a clear understanding of what you’re asking for, and what you’re offering them. Whether monetary, free products, or a larger partnership, be transparent and upfront with what you’re offering.

4. Follow-up Strategically and Creatively:

Don’t rely on one channel to reach out to a creator. If they provide a link in bio, make sure to email that link with your inquiry, but also send them a DM letting them know you put something in their inbox for them. Follow along with their content to see if they mention they’re traveling, working on a project, or seemingly otherwise busy. Creators have lives too, so if they don’t respond right away, they simply may be too busy.

Here’s an example of how it all comes together:

Subject Line: “Partnership Inquiry – Brand x <Creator Channel Name>

“Hey <Creator>,


I’m the <Your Title> from <brand>, and we absolutely love you and your channel! The <post title> video you posted on <date> cracked me up, and it made its way around the office, now everyone here has seen your <most recent video>, and judging by the comments and engagement, it’s clear you know your audience! At <brand>, we make <product> for <product benefits>, and we believe you can have a ton of fun with it! I’m including specifics of our campaign below and would love to connect with you to discuss further.

Campaign Details


Product Description:
Goals of the campaign:

I’d be happy to answer any questions, and share more campaign specifics if you have time for a call. How does <Day of the Week> look for you?

Can’t wait to connect!

<Your Name>

And that’s it. The aforementioned tips can take you a long way and shorten the time to getting a response and establishing a relationship with a creator

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