Bees Mission is a Miami based ecommerce brand on a mission to save the bees. By selling cute bee-inspired fashion apparel, they donate profits to bee related charities and are one of the hundreds of brands using Social Snowball to bring them lots of new customers daily, on autopilot.  Let’s dive into their story:

Things started a bit hazy. Jason, Bees Mission’s marketing director, had stayed up till 2 am working on marketing ideas (another sleepless night), feeling frustrated with the lack of results from an expensive Facebook ad campaign and, well, just quite tired in general. He came across Social Snowball, and since it’s free to try he thought “why not” and installed it from the Shopify App Store. The same night and just a few clicks later, they already had begun converting all of their customers into affiliates. 

Bees Mission -Testimonial

After the first week, they already made an extra 4 figures in revenue (without spending an extra penny on ads). Now, 2 months in, Social Snowball has increased their affiliate marketing program by 1750% and their topline revenue by 12%. 

When we asked the marketing director how they got there he said:

“We just set up our preferences in the dashboard and went live. Social Snowball handled the rest”

So what exactly does Social Snowball do?

Simply put, Social Snowball will automatically convert all of your customers into affiliates as soon as they make a purchase on your store. So when a customer places an order on your store, this will automatically create an affiliate account for them, generate a custom discount code with the customers name in it, and give it to them to share across social media right from the thank you page.



Now, your customers will become your sales rep and start working hard to bring you sales. 

As the store owner, you get access to your own dashboard where you can track affiliate revenue, pay your affiliates their commission, and customize the entire offer however you’d like!

Bees Mission now counts on Social Snowball every day as a huge revenue source for their brand and are so happy with their new digital marketing companion that they said they’d recommend it in a heartbeat:

“The great thing is, it really works. Social Snowball is a no brainer for all Shopify stores. Boosting sales without spending more on ads is every marketer’s dream!”

The best part is, these results are the expected, not the exception:

  • A clothing brand increased their monthly revenue by 5 figures just by installing the app.
  • A shoe brand made $11,000 extra dollars this month with Social Snowball.
  • A business selling custom art is now getting hundreds of extra orders on autopilot from installing Social Snowball.
  • A CBD brand installed Social Snowball and saw a 20% sales increase

And that’s just a few of them! The success stories we can list are endless. 

That aside, the real benefit that Social Snowball brings is allowing business owners to get back to focusing on building their brand. Other affiliate marketing platforms have manual, unintuitive, and outdated methods of acquiring affiliates. This leaves most of your store traffic unaware that an affiliate marketing program even exists, and happy customers without a productive way to share their love for your brand.

Social Snowball automates all of this so you can go back to building your brand, developing new products, and focusing on your passion.

Let’s summarize what makes Social Snowball so valuable as an automated affiliate app for Shopify:

  • You save time – it automates affiliate acquisition
  • You save money – it’s way cheaper than other affiliate marketing software
  • You have less stress – Social Snowball simplifies affiliate management and makes payouts a breeze
  • You have happier customers – It gives customers a better way to share their love for your brand and an opportunity to make money
  • You make more profit – Stores typically see 10-25% revenue uplift and 94% of Social Snowball customers see a positive ROI in the first month. If you have a store that’s already bringing in sales, it almost instantly pays for itself.

And lastly, Social Snowball won’t call in sick, works just as hard on weekends & never gets a little too tipsy at office parties. 😉

Ready to give it a shot? Start your 14-day free trial here!


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